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Fees for 2022

Norway uses a broadly supported revised model which aim to be predictable, easy to calculate and consistent over time. The revised model was presented and accepted by LMI and Parallellimportørforeningen in 2020.

New entrants

New entrants will still be charged a new-entrant fee of NOK 15.000 in addition to the annual flat fee of NOK 27.500. Total for new entrants will therefore be NOK 42.500

Recurring participants

Since 2021, the NMVS fee is split between a flat fee and a sales-based fee. For 2022 the new model will be calculated as follows:

  1. A flat fee of NOK 27.500 per. MAH
  2. A new fee based on reported (actual) sales (aka. GIP) for 2021 of between 0,020% and 0,025% of sales. The exact fee will be calculated early February 2022 based on net sales (as reported to the NCA). For companies that have not reported net actual sales we will use sales data (AIP) as reported from the pharmacies.

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