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Renée Tunold, Chairman of Nomvec AS

Participation fee for small companies

Special conditions for small and newly established companies

The board of Nomvec has decided to make special provisions for small and newly started companies. For companies that meet certain criteria alternative payment terms and conditions will apply.

Small companies (less than 1MNOK in sales)

For companies with less than 10 MAs and less than 1 million NOK in registered sales for their combined MAHs in 2017, the maximum early bird discount will apply regardless of if they register after 2017. It is the responsibility of the company to give notice if they meet the criteria.

Companies new to the market with new products (registered in 2017 or later)

Companies with 2 or less MAs, less than 1 million NOK in registered sales in 2017 and first registration of their MA in 2017 or later can apply for a postponement of their initial fee until 2020.

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