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NOMVO met with the Ministry of Health

The Norwegian Medicines Verification Organisation had requested a meeting with the Ministry to give an update on the project, get clarifications and raise some concerns.

This article was last updated June 7th, 2018 at 02:42 pm

Per T. Lund, chairman of NOMVO.

Per T. Lund, chairman of NOMVO.

On Friday April 27th two board members from NOMVO, the General Manager of NOMVO and the Director of Technology and eHealth from the Norwegian Pharmacy Association met with high level officials form the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

NOMVO gave an update on the project plans and progress. And also on the agenda were questions related to the implementation of the Delegated Regulation in the EFTA and in Norwegian legislation, a request for support from the ministry in interpretation of the delegated regulation and a concern related to the readiness of key organisations given the short time remaining.

The Delegated Regulation is expected to be implemented in the EFTA agreement at the council meeting in May. The message from the Ministry was clear that the regulation will be enforced as of February 9th as planned.

The Norwegian NCA will be made responsible for enforcing the regulation, and non-compliant organisation must expect consequences either for their MA’s, wholesaler or pharmacy licences, or they must expect to be fined. Either way non-compliance will not be accepted.

The Ministry also supports the current close dialogue between the NCA and NOMVO to secure the necessary clarifications to reach the dead-line.

NOMVO also raised a concern related to the readiness in general of the MAHs and specifically some end-users. The Ministry made note of this and would follow up through the NCA.

The NOMVO team was pleased with the responses from the Ministry and the commitment to the success of the project that was presented from the authorities.


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