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Only One Year Left!

Today, exactly one year remains before the Delegated Regulation comes into force, detailing how medicine authenticity should be verified and by whom.

This article was last updated June 7th, 2018 at 07:40 am

Countdown sign, one year left

One year left: February 9th. 2019

EMVO writes in a letter of announcement:

All actors among the pharmaceutical supply chain have duties and responsibilities under the European legislation. Among them, the Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAH), also referred to as On-boarding Partners (OBPs), have to proceed with an On-boarding process to the European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO) and develop their connection to the European Hub.

So far, EMVO only counts 500 On-boarding Partners (OBPs) which are registered on the EMVO Portal and which signed the EMVO Agreement for Participation. Since the beginning EMVO always gave its best efforts to ensure a smooth and timely On-boarding

for its OBPs. Informative tools and communication campaigns are continuously developed and upgraded in order to create a positive dynamic among the pharmaceutical industry. EMVO also works in close collaboration with the National Medicines Verification Organisations and the sector’s representation associations. Still, it remains the sole responsibility of the actors, and mainly of the MAHs, to comply with the requirements and take all necessary actions to be ready on time.

Read the letter:

Letter of Announcement_EMVO On-boarding Only One Year Left

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