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Information meeting October 24th for all stakeholders

The Norwegian NMVO will hold an information meeting on October 24th 0900-1200 for all stakeholders.

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The information meeting will consist of three parts. First there will be a joint session for all participants with presentations from the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services and the Norwegian Medicines Agency.

After this session there will be two separate sessions with content prepared for MAHs and End-Users respectively.

The meeting will be held at Oslo Congress Centre. Meeting starts at 0900 and ends at 1200.

Representatives from Pharmacies, Wholesalers, Marketing Authorisation Holders and relevant government bodies are welcome to participate.

Meeting Information (in Norwegian)

Part 1

Joint session for MAHs, wholesalers and pharmacies.

  • Introduction, by Per Lund, Chairman of NoMVO
  • Preparing for FMD, by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services
  • Preparing for FMD, by Sayeh Ahrabi and Jørgen Huse, NOMA

Part 2

Separate sessions for MAHs and end-users.

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