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Presentation from the NCA

Wholesalers informed about the implementation

On the 26th of April Nomvec had invited a wide range of wholesalers to a meeting to inform about the implementation of the new verification system.

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Kai Mjaanes from Nomvec introduced and briefed the audience on the legislative back-ground for the system and gave a status for the implementation and instructions on how to connect to the national verification system. Jørgen Huse from Statens Legemiddelverk (NCA) gave a presentation on how the authorities prepared for the new regulation

The audience was attentive and interested, and followed up the presentations with questions to both Nomvec and Statens Legemiddelverk. The questions revealed that the audience was well informed and eager to learn how to connect to the system and adopt to the new regulation.

Presentation from the meeting:

Falsified Medicines Directive 180426

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