About Nomvec

Nomvec AS is a non-commercial company (non-profit) which develops, operates and maintains the Norwegian medicines verification system (NMVS) according to EU 2016/163, and which assists end users, manufacturers and NOMA (The Norwegian Medicines Agency) in clarifying and analyzing non-conformity messages in the system.

Nomvec has agreements with MAHs and collects payment for the system. Nomvec also verifies and checks the legitimacy of all pharmacies, wholesalers, hospital departments, NCAs and other persons and companies who wish and/or are obliged to have access to NMVS. 

Nomvec is owned by The Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI), and Nomvec reports to the Nomvec board, with members appointed by the pharmaceutical industry in Norway.

Nomvec operates under an agreement with NoMVO – The Norwegian Medicines Verification Organisation.

Stine Hiller Eidnes

Quality Manager 

Stine has a master’s degree in pharmacy and has 10 years’ experience as a pharmacist, both in a pharmacy and at a wholesaler.


Camilla Tveter

Operations Manager

Camilla has a bachelor in nursing, and a masters degree in Health Informatics.

she has several years with experience from testing and product development of IT solutions developed for the healthcare sector.

Kai Mjaanes


Kai has been involved since before the system went into operation in 2019. Kai has a broad background in pharmaceutical distribution and pharmacy before he started to work for Nomvec.