Software suppliers

Software suppliers

Software suppliers (SWS) of solutions for wholesalers, hospitals and/or pharmacies must develop integration with NMVS NO (the Norwegian database). Thesoftware supplier can represent a single end-user or a group of end-users.

Process for connection

Providers of end-user solutions (SWS) must follow the following process for connection to NMVS:

  1. Contact Nomvec and inform them about their solution
  2. Create user on the SWS portal
  3. If necessary, have a start-up meeting with Nomvec
  4. Develop and test the integration in line with the process described in the SWS portal (NMVS Software Suppliers Portal, developed by Arvato)
  5. Conduct baseline tests (downloaded from the SWS portal)
  6. Approved for production setting

Baseline testing

All documentation that is necessary for the supplier in the development and test run is published on the SWS-portal. During development, test sets can be generated and the tests can be completed as required. When development is finished, the “Baseline Test Pack” must be downloaded from the SWS-portal and the tests must be done. The result of these tests is the basis for Nomvec’s approval of the supplier’s integration with NMVS (NO).

The test sets downloaded from the SWS-portal is done towards the Sandbox environment. This environment is connected to the EU-HUB-Mock, both of which are production identical at all times.

A prerequisite for the solution to be approved is that the supplier is registered in the Brønnøysund Register Centre.