For Hospitals

According to the Directive on Falsified Medicines (2011/62/EU), hospitals that distribute human medicines to patients, where these medicines have not been registered by a hospital pharmacy, must register these medicines before distribution to patients.

Hospital departments that distribute medicinal products received directly from wholesalers must verify that all packages they sell are genuine, and deregister them from NMVS when selling to customers or patients (EU 2016/161 Article 25).

To be able to do this, the relevant hospital departments must be connected to NMVS. Any error messages must be handled and resolved before the package can be delivered to the patient. Alternatively, the package cannot be used and must be returned in accordance to the relevant guidelines, or the package is a possible counterfeit. See the section on Alert Management for an explanation of the error messages and alerts, and the handling of error messages and the troubleshooting matrix for how to check error messages.