About NoMVO

The Norwegian Medicines Verification Organization (NoMVO) is the organization established by drug manufacturers and end users in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/161 article 31.

Today’s members of NoMVO are:

NoMVO is a non-commercial (non-profit) organization whose purpose is to be the decision-making body for the implementation, management and operation of the Norwegian medicines verification system set up to fulfil EU 2016/163 in order to avoid counterfeit medicines entering the distribution chain. NoMVO (Norwegian Medicines Verification Organization) is led by a board where all interest organizations (stakeholders) are represented. The members are appointed by the respective interest organisation, and are formally approved at the general assembly.

NoMVO has delegated the responsibilities for the daily operation and support of the verification system, and financial services, to Nomvec – which is owned by LMI.