Connection to NMVS NO

All hospital departments that need connection to the verification system must justify their need for access to NMVS. They must also enter into an end-user agreement with Nomvec (sluttbrukeravtaleonly in Norwegian).

For hospital departments that wish to connect to NMVS via EIK, the technical aspects of connection are handled by Difa. A power of attorney for certificate handling must also be signed with Difa.

Hospital departments that wish to use a system supplier (Software Supplier) other than EIK must ensure that this system is approved by Nomvec. Nomvec will not grant access to NMVS until such a system is approved. For more information about system supplier approval, see our page for Software Suppliers.

Nomvec is responsible for creating users in NMVS for hospital departments. To gain access to the verification system, Nomvec must receive a completed application form with the necessary documentation attached (søknadsskjemaonly in Norwegian). Nomvec needs the department’s Resh ID to be able to create the user.