Marketing Authorization Holders

Onboarding / Registration

Information about onboarding

Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAH), also referred to as On Boarding Partners (OBPs) have to proceed with an On-boarding process to the European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO) and develop their connection to the European Hub in order to be compliant with the FMD.

The OBPs are Marketing Authorization Holders and can use an On Boarding Partner (OBP) to facilitate the process of uploading product data. An OBP can represent one or more MAHs and will have permission to upload product data on behalf of one or several MAHs. For more information see OBP-portal.

For questions regarding connection to the HUB, the MAH must contact EMVO: Information about the EU HUB can be read on EMVOs website.  EMVO offers a self service portal where several of the most frequently asked questions about connection are answered.


New entrants need to register with Nomvec if they have a marketing licence and have active sales in the market.