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This page was last updated February 6th, 2019 at 09:34 am

The Norwegian Medicines Verification Company, abbreviated NOMVEC, is a non-profit operating company that is set up by the pharmaceutical industry in Norway to develop and implement an e-verification database for pharmaceutical products in Norway.

Nomvec is responsible for acquiring the system, connecting it to the European HUB for upload of data, testing the connection to the HUB and to the end-users, and administering payments from MAHs.

Nomvec will offer all wholesalers and pharmacies who are legally obliged to verify the unique identifier access to the verification system. End-users who need access must contact Nomvec to apply for a user ID and credentials. The basis for all end-user connection is either a current and valid GDP certificate/wholesaler licence or a current and valid pharmacy licence.

The organisation NoMVO is the body responsible for implementing the system across all users (see: About NoMVO), and the Norwegian Ministry of Health is responsible for implementing the Delegated Regulation in Norway.

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