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Fees for 2020

The board of Nomvec has set on fees for 2020. As for previous years the fee will be a flat fee per. MAH.

For new entrants a small initial fee will apply in addition to the 2020 fee.

Invoices for 2020 are planned to be sent to the MAHs at the end of February 2020.

Fees for 2021 and beyond will be decided later in 2020.

The fees that will apply are:

(50% early bird)(25% early brid)
Entry in 2017NOK 52.000NOK 52.000NOK 52.000NOK 50.000
Entry in 2018NOK 156.000NOK 78.000NOK 50.000
Entry in 2019NOK 312.000NOK 50.000
Entry in 2020NOK 80.000

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