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Soft launch period extended to December 1st

Based on a request from NoMVO – The Norwegian NMVO – the Norwegian NCA has decided to extend the general soft launch until December 1st 2019.

Currently two soft launch measures are applied to the Norwegian market:

  • A general amnesty, allowing end-users like pharmacies to ignore any alert codes from the NMVS
  • A filter in the pharmacy system so that products without any batch information is omitted from checks towards the NVMVS

A third soft launch measure has been developed, but not implemented, where the Norwegian NCA will allow some alert codes to be ignored, so that alert handling can be gradually applied. This soft launch measure shall replace the general amnesty, and gradually lead to a full implementation.

The Norwegian NMVO carried out a risk analysis of ending the general amnesty by October 1st – as initially planned. The risk analysis revealed serious concerns, and the NMVO recommended that the soft launch period was extended.

Based on the request from the NMVO the Norwegian NCA has extended the general amnesty of the soft launch period to December 1st 2019. At that time the NCA expects all end-users to respond to those alert codes that have been selected for action.

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