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The industry must pay

The pharmaceutical industry is to pay for the safety features to protect the public agains falsified medicines. – We already have development costs with the system, and the Norwegian database is almost done, so the sooner you pay, the better says Renée Tunold in Nomvec.

This article was last updated June 29th, 2018 at 10:18 am

From 9th February 2019, all prescription drugs should have a 2-dimensional barcode printed on the pack. In all European countries, the national organisations are working to implement this system locally, and it is becoming urgent to get things in place. One of the urgencies is the financing.

The Association of the Pharmaceutical Industries (LMI) owns the operating company called Nomvec, which is governed through NoMVO. Nomvec will develp, implement and run the Norwegian database, and Nomvec also accountable for the financing of the system. The pharmaceutical industry will soon start to see invoices from Nomvec. Chairman of the board of Nomvec, Renée Tunold, encourages the industry to start to pay already now. She ensures that it will pay off.

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