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Application form

Wholesaler account with the Norwegian NMVS

How to acquire a wholesaler user account

This article was last updated September 6th, 2018 at 12:44 pm

Wholesalers who handle prescriptive drugs are subject to EU 2016/161 (FMD), and are required to verify and decommission serialised medicines in the repositories system.

Application form

Access for Norwegian wholesalers to the repositories system is granted by Nomvec. To apply for a user account you need to fill out the application form found here: NoMVeC Access Request Form Template

Software supplier

In order to receive a user account the wholesaler is required to have an IT-supplier, please make sure to include contact details for the IT-supplier in the application form.

End User Agreement

The End User Agreement is based on the template provided by EMVO. The Norwegian End User Agreement has been negotiated with the End User organisations, and individual adoptions will not be permitted.

The current end-user agreement applies to the period ending February 8th 2019. A new end-user agreement will be issued for the period starting February 9th. Initially, the first agreement must be signed, details for the second agreement will be issued at a later state.

Application process

The completed form is sent to Nomvec by e-mail ( Please attach a copy of a valid wholesaler licence and GDP certificate.

The End User’s Software Supplier registers with the Software Supplier Portal (SWS portal).

After the Software Supplier has passed the verification process in the SWS portal and wholesaler legitimacy has been verified the wholesaler will receive the End User Agreement for signature. After the End User Agreement has been signed a user account will be created and credentials will be distributed.

Onboarding av sluttbrukere (Norwegian)


Applications will be treated in the order they are received, however, the following deadlines should be adhered to be sure the user account is available before February 9th 2019:

  • Application for an end-user account submitted before November 1st 2018
  • The Software Supplier has passed the verification process before December 1st 2018

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