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For Pharmacies

The 9th February 2019 is an important date when it comes to combating falsified medicines in Europe. From this date, all prescription drugs delivered to the Norwegian market will carry the two safety features 2D data matrix and tamper evidence. Some manufacturing sites did however start to implement the 2D data matrix already in 2017, and more and more of the packs delivered to the Norwegian distribution chain will carry the 2D data matrix code.

From the same date, you should verify the 2D data matrix on the pack to ensure that the medicine is genuine. This is done by scanning the 2D data matrix, a request is automatically generated to the Norwegian database to verify if the code is valid. A reply is instantly sent back to the pharmacy to let you know if the pack is genuine and if you can sell it to your customer. Don’t worry, the whole operation will take less than 300 milliseconds (0,3 seconds).

Your IT system is under development to meet this legal obligation. You also need to purchase new scanners that can read the new 2D data matrix code.